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Seth Shipman

“We can create a layer of abstraction where you don’t need to know about RNA folding to design a circuit out of RNA”
This may be a stretch, as far as comics news goes, but with this new method of data storage, we may one day be able to carry around comics (and a lot of other things) within our bodies:

To get a movie into E. colis DNA, Shipman and his colleagues had to disguise it. They converted the movie’s pixels into DNA’s four-letter code—molecules represented by the letters A,T,G and C—and synthesized that DNA. But instead of generating one long strand of code, they arranged it, along with other genetic elements, into short segments that looked like fragments of viral DNA.

E. coli is naturally programmed by its own DNA to grab errant pieces of viral DNA and store them in its own genome—a way of keeping a chronological record of invaders. So when the researchers introduced the pieces of movie-turned-synthetic DNA—disguised as viral DNA—E. coli’s molecular machinery grabbed them and filed them away.

The movie they stored was a 36-by-26-pixel GIF of one of the first moving images ever recorded: a galloping mare named Annie G., by Eadweard Muybridge­ in 1887. The team was able to retrieve it, along with a separate image, with about 90 percent accuracy by sequencing the bacterium’s genome.


Andrea Tsurumi, from Girls Who Code

New Work by Andrea Tsurumi
Tsurumi has been busy, providing illustrations for Reshma Saujani’s book, Girls Who Code: Learn to Code and Change the World, along with work at the Nib, Trumpcare is Bad News for Freelancers,  and she also has a launch party for her new book, Accident!, on Thursday, October 5 at Books of Wonder in NYC. Keep up the good work, Andrea!

Andrea Tsurumi, from Accident!


Programming Schedules for Upcoming Shows


Jack Kirby

Life and Legacy of Jack Kirby – August 27-30, 2017
As a follow-up to Caleb’s post from yesterdayOn view until Wednesday, August 30 at One Art Space, 23 Warren Street, Street Level Gallery 1, NYC.


via Desert Island’s Instagram


A Cosmic Journey – 8-29-2017 – by Cameron Arthur


Suzy and Cecil – 8-29-2017 – by Sally Ingraham


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