Sally here with your Friday comics news roundup – a little bleary after a late night comics-making blitz with Gabriella Tito. The Rowhouse is a busy place these days and Comics Workbook is moving ahead at full-steam in a number of directions – I’ve got updates on those projects, as well as some glorious Olympic moments with Katie Fricas, Leslie Stein with some guitar riffs, Meghan Turbitt on the the move, and a brick or two thrown by a mouse named Ignatz.



Gabriella Tito arrived at the Rowhouse last night for a weekend residency, and she hadn’t been in the house more than 5 minutes before the index cards came out. She and Frank and I sat around until late in the night drawing and discussing comics. Gabriella is a graduate of Frank’s correspondence course and a member of the Comics Workbook Roller Derby League. You can find more of her work HERE – and expect to hear more about this true comics ninja soon.


Speaking of the Comics Workbook Roller Derby League…the girls have been quietly pumping out articles, reviews, and comics all summer, meeting for “practice” and “derby bouts” every Sunday, honing skills and getting comfortable “skating together”, if you will.

You can find an index of the work that the league has published HERE on the site – follow them on Instagram (@cwrollerderby) – catch up with members of the team at SPX and CXC this year (more details on those appearances soon!) – and stay tuned for other exciting developments as the Comics Workbook Roller Derby League continues to evolve.

More info about CWRD can be found HERE.

Allie and Alyssa
Blind contour comics drawn by Allie Doersch (left) and Alyssa Berg (right) during a Sunday “roller derby bout”


Katie Fricas jumped on the Olympics bandwagon this week and published a hilarious comic on The Awl about Forgotten Moments From Past Summer Olympics. 


Check out the rest HERE!


The Bandcamp Daily blog recently published a profile on Leslie Stein, which showcases her music as well as her comics (she is a guitarist and vocalist for the rock band Prince Rupert’s Drops).

Though her comics are usually based on her own life, and are infused with her love of music (referencing Alex Chilton, LCD Soundsystem, Ringo Starr, The Band, Neil Young, Michael Hurley, and even the Osmonds), they rarely focus on her experiences as a musician. “I think art has always taken precedence over everything in my life,” Stein says. “I read about Hendrix falling asleep with his guitar in his bed; I fall asleep on the floor next to my drawing table sometimes. Not that I am comparing myself artistically to Hendrix, of course.”

Detail from a panel in Eye of the Majestic Creature

I read the most recent volume (Time Clock) of her long-running series Eye of the Majestic Creature a few weeks ago and found the stories about weird jobs, bad hangovers, and mysterious loneliness to be very funny and heart-wrenchingly familiar. Be sure to also check out her diary comics, which are running on VICE – here’s the most recent update.

The rest of the Bandcamp Daily piece on Leslie Stein is available HERE.



SPX announced the 2016 Ignatz nominees – HERE.



Meghan Turbitt is having a Moving Sale! Original drawings from her NYC and Philadelphia Subway Sketchbooks starting at $10 – get all the goodies HERE.



Comics Workbook is very pleased to present a new book from Connor WillumsenPortraits. Available now for pre-order – get your copy HERE!

Connor is one of the original CW samurais. He will be joining Frank Santoro at The Lakes International Comic Arts Festival this fall, teaching workshops and sharing his process. Look for him there!


Go forth and lead extraordinary lives this weekend, folks. Sally out.

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