August 18th, 2016 comics news from wolves.


Skuds Plunder


Care Package

Skuds McKinley sent the Rowhouse a package today, full of recent stuff for us to check out – things like his Plunder series with Swifty Lang (Boom Studios, pictured above) and the first Red-Eye Comics story, Dead Days in Kowloon (below).

Skuds Red-Eye

Keep up with Skuds on Instagram (@skudsink). Here’s a video of Frank Santoro interviewing Skuds in Philly back in 2012 – he’s been making great comics for bit.






Pay Up



Get Smart

Columbus College of Art & Design is launching a new major dedicated to the study and practice of comics.

In CCAD’s Comics & Narrative Practice program — accepting students starting in fall 2017 — students will work with comics professionals to learn how to write, illustrate and publish their own sequential art.

The program is a perfect fit for Columbus, which is quickly gaining a national reputation as a comics hub.

“Columbus is in a unique position to become a major center of comics study in the country, thanks to the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum, the Cartoon Crossroads Columbus festival and our strong tradition of illustration at CCAD,” said Stewart McKissick, Chair of CCAD’s Comics & Narrative Practice and Illustration programs.”

Read Up.








“I got the chance to actually live the dream of being a comics artist myself when one of my best friends, Al Simonson, sent some of my ballpoint drawings to DC for a critique—and a form letter returned, with a handwritten note to “drop by if you’re ever in the neighborhood” at the bottom. Two seconds later (just kidding…it was actually five…  ?  I appeared at the Midtown Manhattan reception desk of the DC Comics offices, which were conveniently 45 minutes away by subway, from my home in the Bronx (back in those pre-9/11 days, anyone would just walk into DC Comics, right off the streets.) They noticed the color of my skin, along with the quality of my 16 year old scribblings, and decided to have me pencil the adventures of their first ever original black super-hero, Black Lightning—”

Trevor Von Eeden speaks out.








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