How do you say goodbye?


This past month, my cat, my baby boy, Boris got sick. Really sick.

We had to say goodbye on Monday.

I don’t really know what to say. He was only six, barely into full maturity.

It’s so quiet here.

In the spirit of this site, I hope to make some comics about the guy, to use this artform to create a beautiful artifact. A zine that can serve as a conduit for grief to turn to joy. It will be posted here in the coming months. My hope is to spend some time writing and reflecting on our memories together with Jenn Lisa and to invite others that knew him to write or draw any memories of him that they cherish.

I like the thought that he is everywhere, in me and in you, dear reader. 

Our regularly scheduled programming of comics and related news will return tomorrow, along with some exciting updates regarding Comics Workbook’s presence at SPX 2018.

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