Caleb Orecchio here with a Kirby and Toth collab!


Look! At New Dimension Comics in Elwood City the other day, I found this comic I didn’t know existed! Did you?

Kirby on left; Toth on right

I mean, it’s really not that great of a comic. Neither genius shines particularly bright here, and the inker is nothing short of BORING! That’s okay. I just like looking at this spread and seeing both cartoonists side by side. Just the idea of it. Plus Kirby drawing his old team! The Challengers of the Unknown were kind of the beta stage for the Fantastic Four if you think about it.

I can’t help but assume Toth was re-drawing some of his pages that were probably originally Jack’s for the finicky DC editorial staff. You know? Surprisingly they kept Kirby’s Superman face. Was Swan too busy to “fix” it?

That’s the beauty of the back issue bins folks. After three hours you tend to run out of gas and start to feel hungry and depressed but, once you have recovered, you realize how happy you are that you spent the day this way. Right? Right! Especially when you find gold such as this!


Cement Mixer – 8-2-18 – by Caleb Orecchio

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