Empezamos el día con TARANTULA; Matias Prado en La Polola;2do Encuentro de Fanzineras; Álvaro Pons; CuCo8; Sole Otero; Joan S. Luna y Suehiro Maruo; y los tebeos de Cómics Workbook!


Reseña: Tarantula por Fabian Rangel, Jr y Alexis Ziritt.

Growing up, having older family members who were also film buffs, I got exposed to movies that probably only film students get to see, at any age. I remember the first time, I saw Pink Flamingos, I was pretty freaked out. I remember the first time, I saw The Howling, and thought that Australians knew how to make movies better than we do. I also remembered when I watched The Good the Bad and The Ugly, and being blown away not only by Eastwood’s use of visual cues but also by Sergio Leone’s understanding of human nature.

This led me to dig more into European cinema, specifically the ones made by Italian directors, and I found some masterful ones, even the pulpy ones. The movies made by Dario Argento and Mario Bava, were the ones that intrigued me, as they understood their audience and the real meaning of entertainment value. What these two auteurs also brought to the world of film and of entertainment, is a genre all by itself, “Satanic Noir”, a genre that blended exploitation movies with elements of Devil worship. I thought for sure, most of those movies were of a bygone era, that is until I read Tarantula, which brought me back to that period when I discovered those movies.

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Cómics y noticias que me han llamado la atención esta semana:


Suzy and Cecil – 6-28-2017 – by Sally Ingraham


Joanie and Jordie – 6-28-2017 – by Caleb Orecchio

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