Sally here with a stack of news that’s taller than me… We’ve got a report on HeroesCon, an announcement from Jillian Fleck, NPR’s take on Lisa Hanawalt, Heidi MacDonald’s Fall 2016 release picks, insights on Patrick Kyle and Andrea Tsurumi, an exciting development from D+Q/ALA, and a celebration of Mutha Magazine. Let’s dig in before we lose the light!


The Richmond, VA, crew of cartoonists at HeroesCon – pic by Tres

HeroesCon was last weekend, and we heard it was a great time from all who attended. Comics Workbook special correspondent Audra Stang went on Sunday and reported back some of her adventures and encounters.

Check out her report below!




Jillian FleckComics Workbook alumni and maker of the ongoing Bad Thoughtz comic – is releasing Lake Jehovah via Conundrum Press this autumn!

Jillian writes –

Lake Jehovah has been my insane passion project for the past few years and it’s incredible to think it’s going to be a real thing.

About the story  –

Lake Jehovah is a small town in northern Alberta known for its allegedly bottomless lake. It is there that Jay, a genderqueer individual, experiences a crisis of meaning regarding love in the face of a series of apocalypses.” – via Conundrum Press

For some teaser pages and more details, check out the complete announcement HERE.



Lisa Hanawalt‘s Hot Dog Taste Test got a shoutout at NPR this week.

If you’re a fan of the Hot Dog Princess, you’re going to love Hot Dog Taste Test. Lisa Hanawalt’s lushly illustrated, stream-of-consciousness diary reveals a soul cut from the same vibrant cloth as that of the 6-year-old who wore a hot dog costume to a princess-themed dance recital. Both the 6-year-old and the grownup diarist understand that there’s only one option for a free spirit confronted by the forces of conformity: You’ve got to go completely orthogonal. For a non-princess in a tulle-clad world, that means making an instinctively Dadaist gesture (and making national news with it). For a cartoonist who covers gourmet food — and even won the James Beard award — but is determined not to succumb to gourmet pretensions, it means filling a food book with Dalí-esque surrealism.” – via ETELKA LEHOCZKY

Read the whole review HEREget a copy of the book HERE.



Heidi MacDonald (who runs The Comics Beat) recently put together the Publishers Weekly list of comics and graphic novels coming out in Fall 2016. (Pictured above is Jessica Campbell‘s Hot or Not, coming from Koyama Press.)

Fall’s graphic novels are teeming with emerging cartoonists exploring life and meaning, while established creators return to favorite themes. Riad Sattouf’s memoir continues, Jason Shiga presents a mind-bending puzzle, Sarah Glidden examines refugee life in Iraq, and Margaret Atwood turns to a fantasy about a cat-bird-man.” – via HEIDI MACDONALD

Check out the list HERE.

Starting with Heidi’s Top 10, and following with the complete autumn offerings, it is sure to make you start squirreling away some spending money in anticipation…!



Speaking of The Comics Beat, John Seven reviewed Patrick Kyle’s new book over there this week.

“Sometimes it’s better to just give yourself to something rather than to seek out its meaning. Not everything has to have one clear meaning, and in some cases, to bring concrete meaning to a work might mean imposing clarity on something that was not meant to have any. That imposition might actually come off as an insult, and the better approach might be to accept it on its own presentation, to let it be what it is.

I understand the above might be confusing, but it won’t be if you’ve read Patrick Kyle’s Don’t Come In Here. The first indication that attaching meaning to Kyle’s work is not the point of Kyle’s work is the title itself, a direct instruction to not go any further, to not enter within its insular space. No investigation, no interpretation required.” – via JOHN SEVEN

Read the rest of the review HERE.


Details from Faces of Death by Andrea Tsurumi

Harvard Magazine featured Andrea Tsurumi in their July-August issue, calling her work “comics to chew on”.

In Tsurumi’s work, details explode from the page. Her cheeky maximalism packs a visual punch, whether she’s using hard lines or a hazier, impressionist approach. Encountering it can be as overwhelming, trippy, and thrilling as visiting a new place—allowing the reader to see things in a more fun and zany light. Her sensibility, delighting in what might seem mundane, can resonate with people of all ages. It’s almost as if Tsurumi is sharing secrets of the world’s possibilities, and it’s exciting to behold—even if how she discovers these secrets and develops them on paper can be difficult to pin down.” – via SAMANTHA MALDONADO

Read the whole article HERE.

Keep up with Andrea HERE (although according to Tsurumi’s literary agent, Stephen Barr, “There’s no way to get ahead of Andrea’s brain“…!)



Drawn & Quarterly is tabling at the American Library Association Annual Conference and Exhibition for the first time this weekend in Orlando, FL. This is a pretty big deal! Comics Workbook correspondent extraordinaire Juan Fernández laid it out for me the other night:

D+Q at ALA hits home the idea of libraries being directly in the loop of comics publishing. They are by no means the cutting edge, but the fact that the middle of the cultural road is being paved directly into conversations at ALA’s annual conference is a big deal. Comics to schools – comics to libraries – comics in museums – those are the new pathways that comics as a publishing form can garner new audiences and grow (publishers have been at this for decades now, but this is just nice to see).” – via JUAN FERNANDEZ

Find Drawn & Quarterly at table #2263, where they will be hosting giveaways all weekend, and check out the programming that they will be involved in:

“D+Q’s two panels are both at the Graphic Novel and Gaming Stage, which can be found mid-aisle 400, near booths 424 and 426:

The Best Graphic Novels You Haven’t Heard of (Yet)” – Sunday June 26th from 2:30 to 3:20 pm

Drawn & Quarterly, Groundwood Books, and Nobrow Press are three international publishing houses producing landmark graphic novels with impressive production values. D+Q publisher Peggy Burns, Groundwood publisher Sheila Barry, and Nobrow US Sales & Marketing Director Tucker Stone will discuss their approach to graphic novels, preview their forthcoming titles, and share what’s in the pipeline for 2017.

The State of Graphic Novels Today” – Monday June 27th from 9:30 am to 10:20 am

Drawn & Quarterly has been publishing luminaries of the graphic novel medium for over 25 years. Comics and graphic novels make great entry points for low literacy users as well as readers of all stripes, and the fastpaced world of graphic novels is booming. Join D+Q publisher Peggy Burns and executive editor Tom Devlin for a rousing discussion on the state of graphic novels today.” – via D+Q


by Keiler Roberts

I want to give a shoutout today to Mutha Magazine and all the fantastic work that Meg Lemke does as Editor there (while also programming the comics and graphic novels side of the Brooklyn Book Festival…!) The magazine explores “real-life motherhood, from every angle, at every stage” and one of the ways they do that is through comics.

I’m still working my way through all the comics on the site – there’s a hefty list! A recent offering was A. K. SummersThose OTHER Nurses: A Nursing While Butch Comic which you can check out HERE.

from Those Other Nurses by A.K. Summers

Other work that caught my eye includes Sacha Mardou’s The State I’m In, Rachel Masilamani’s We Conceive, and Lauren Weinstein’s Reflections on the First Week of Kindergarten. There are also several comics each from Tyler Cohen, Glynnis Fawkes, and Keiler Roberts, among others.

Check out the complete Mutha Magazine Comics Archive HERE!


Well, we got through the stack and there’s still some daylight left – so enjoy your weekend, play outside, go to the pool, or curl up on the couch with a comic – then meet us back here on Monday for our next foray into the comics community! Cheers – Sally

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