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CW continues it’s feature of Laila Milevski’s Drawing Antonioni. Please take some time to read/re-read/re-re-read this comic, it’s one of the most creative uses of the Frank Santoro Grid Technique System I’ve seen to date.


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New Sophia Foster-Dimino Comic


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Genesis Breyer P-Orridge: Try to Altar Everything Exhibition
March 11-August at the Rubin Museum, NYC
For nearly half a century Genesis Breyer P-Orridge has been questioning the meaning and substance of identity through artistic endeavors, willful reincarnation, and physical shapeshifting. Try to Altar Everything, a selection of paintings, sculptures, and installations, will explore the ways that Hindu mythology and Nepal’s Kathmandu Valley have influenced the artist and h/er work.


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I hear Groningen is lovely in June.

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Comic Inspirations at Adam Baumgold Gallery



New York Review Comics Release Party
Friday, May 27 at 7pm at BookCourt in Brooklyn

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On Boom Box 
The success of “The Lumberjanes” started with grass-roots efforts. Ms. Watters and her fellow creators — Brooke Allen, Grace Ellis and Noelle Stevenson — made copies of the first eight pages, included an order form, and gave them out free. “It was supposed to be eight issues, and then it became something much more, kind of growing ever since beyond our wildest dreams,” Ms. Watters said.


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Temptation: The Demons of James Ensor at Art Institute Chicago
The exhibition was 2014/2015 but there is still an elaborately designed interactive aspect available to those with an internet connection.

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‘Before the compositions I feel anxious and exalted,’ wrote Ensor in 1887, commenting on his work as he began to develop The Temptation. More than a century later, as we explore his monumental achievement, we share something of those emotions. To study the work is at times disturbing but—as we hope you will agree—it is, above all, exhilarating.



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