Juan Fernandez here to start your week off with a round up. To start off, Lauren Weinstein seems to have had a an ecstatic morning before the dawn chorus. 


Today I’ve got a slew of things for ya; Keith Knight, Retrofit’s big push, new comics from Alyssa Berg, Eleanor Davis, Simon Moreton, Simon Reinhardt, and Oliver East + an interview with Phoebe Gloeckner, 

Red, White, Black and Blue – An Evening with Keith Knight
TONIGHT in Pittsburgh. Keith Knight will be giving a presentation on his life and work at Point Park University. If you’re in the area, you want want to miss these discussions of race, media, politics and satire.

Keith Knight, creator of the Knight Life, K Chronicles and (th)ink), will share cartoons culled from over 20 years of his award-winning nationally-syndicated work. Presenting his unique take on the militarization of the nation’s police force, and the unchecked killing of unarmed citizens, Knight’s cartoons are infused with urgency, humor, satire, politics, and race. His work is designed to provoke constructive, civil dialogue among people young and old, left and right, of all colors and orientations. The presentation has been a hit at university campuses everywhere.

Following the presentation, Keith will be joined on stage by editorial cartoonist Rob Rogers and columnist Tony Norman, both from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, to discuss the topic further. An audience Q&A will follow.

More information here.



Retrofit Kickstarter – Last Rounds

Retrofit Comics is in its last days of their Kickstarter campaign! They’re in the last rounds of this fight. You can help them get that KO. Support them to make it happen.


The crop of books they’re currently publishing is really special. It includes titles by the likes of James Kochalka (Elf Cat in Love), the first Cartoonist Laureate of VermontEleanor Davis with her an offering (Libby’s Dad), and Kaeleigh Forsyth and Alabaster Pizzo with a team up on Hellbound (here’s a process post from them about the “raw material” the book was sourced from).

Also among the comics that may get loosed on the world, should the Kickstarter make it to the stretch goals, are works by Anya Davidson and Tyler Landry.

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 12.08.43 PM
Lovers in the Garden – Anya Davidson

Please support Retrofit Comics by pitching some funds their way, or helping to spread the word. Check out the Kickstarter and make it happen HERE!


FLUFFIG page 2 - Alyssa Berg
FLUFFIG page 2 – Alyssa Berg

Alyssa Berg’s got the engine revving and she’s started sharing her progress on her latest comics series, FLUFFIG. Painted colors dance against the tension of the four panel grid, teasing out hard earned truths onto the page. Read what she’s been making for Comics Workbook here.

Take Me Back to Manchester
Ollie East’s Latest is here! In 1872, Maharajah, an elephant bought by Belle Vue Zoo at auction in Edinburgh, refused to board his train to Manchester. Lorenzo Lawrence, his trainer, offered to walk him home. All two hundred and twenty miles.

This is their story.

152 pages by the the homesick truant. Full colour. Soft cover. Numbered and limited to 1000

Check it out and pick up a copy here.


Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 11.14.53 AM
Life and Comics – Phoebe Gloeckner Interview on Chimera Obscura

We talk about Diary’s hybrid structure and why it would have been unpitchable to a publisher (luckily, she had a two-book contract), the tightrope of portraying a 15-year-old girl’s affair with her mother’s 30-something boyfriend without making her strictly a victim or “asking for it”, and some audiences’ obsession with “the facts” of the book. We also get into her ongoing, decade-long multi-media project to recreate a life in Juarez, Mexico, her place in the comics scene (too young for the undergrounds, too old for the alternatives), her unrepeatable approach to making art, and more! –

Listen to the interview here.

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 11.12.22 AMMinor Leagues
Simon Moreton’s newest zine, Minor Leagues is available now

This new work contains 100 pages of comics, drawings, stories and writing about how days go by, a video rental shop, walking, travelling in Mississippi, a snowball fight from 1995 and more. Thinking a lot about how things and people come and go.

It picks up where his last series SMOO left off, detailing things that happened to him, but expands it to bring in bigger questions and other thoughts, as well as lots more words. The hope is for this series to continue and grow. Four issue subscriptions are available here.

£4 + P&P – order a copy here


Eleanor Davis
Eleanor Davis

He’s Walking Through The Water
Eleanor Davis has a heart wrenching, surreal new comic on her blog. The way I see this, this mode of comics journaling holds the seeds for extremely exciting futures of comics journalism. It’s raw, it breathes as the words and images dance on the page.

Read it here.

The Monthly Municipal Newsletter.
Simon Reinhardt has been putting together some very interesting reports of Mystery Town’s current events. You can read and print out his handiwork here.

Good luck making it through your day, Mad Lib and MF DOOM are here to help if you need to knock out the cobwebs.


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