Wow wow wow, š! #24 ‘Urban Jungle’ is out now!

It’s here, the newest volume of š! from Latvia’s  It’s time to face up to the unpleasant corners of the city! Twenty-two international comics makers take you to some of the darkest spots in the urban jungle. Hop on over to the site to oggle at the pages you can expect in the newest volume.

Contributors: Abraham Díaz (Mexico), Amanda Baeza (Chile/Portugal), Ann Pajuväli(Estonia), Dace Sietiņa (Latvia), Daria Tessler (Finland/USA), Disa Wallander (Sweden),Elīna Brasliņa (Latvia), G. W. Duncanson (USA), Hicham Amrani (France), Jean de Wet(South Africa), König Lü.Q. (Switzerland), Lee Kyutae (South Korea), Līva Kandevica(Latvia), Luke Pearson (U.K.), Mārtiņš Zutis (Latvia), Mathilde Van Gheluwe (Belgium), Sami Aho (Finland), Tara Booth (USA), Tsuchika Nishimura (Japan), Vivianna Maria Stanislavska (Latvia), Ward Zwart (Belgium), Zane Zlemeša (Latvia).

Liva Kandevica kush cover Urban Jungle

Connor and Sarah Ferrick join Jacob Canfield, Alice Stoehr, Carolyn Nowak over at We Should Be Friends for a slumber party podcast. Ethical boundaries in autobio comics, pop culture, squeamish qualities in comics and media.  A nice cultural round table to sit in on.

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I’d like to pass on this message from No Shame Distro. No Shame is a people of color collective based in PA & NJ who are interested in promoting other zine writers and artists of color. They are coming at things from an anti-oppression frame work and they acknowledge that poc identify in a myriad of ways. They work towards the distro reflecting this. They hustle hard to get work around into the hands of many. Reach out to them if you have any questions.


Tor brandt has an obituary comic for the mythic Shit-Face.  Read the comic here and give a moment of silence to his gentle soul. RIP Shit Face.

Picture 1

Gabby Schulz‘s latest work, Sick, is now available to retail outlets for preorder from Consortium here — you can let your local book store or comics shop to order a copy for you. The work has been a painful festeringly painful 4 year long mountain for Schulz to climb. His work is dark, antagonistic and all in all not an easy sell to the rah rah, go team environment of contemporary America, but it exists in spite of it all.  It’s all a good way to look the horror show that is America.

I’m sure you will soon agree that this is not an easy book to sell — ostensibly (& please don’t tell the press otherwise) it’s a comic about the failings of American healthcare; in reality it’s a rambling jeremiad against the white race and western civilization as a whole. I am convinced it will be universally ignored/reviled/clearance-binned, for the simple reason that it doesn’t end on a high note, which breaks the basic rule of all narrative (and capital). So, apologies in advance for that! But still, i hope you’ll sift through the embittered logical cul-de-sacs and belabored watercoloring to find a shred of connection with what i’m trying to say about life. If not, i can only pray that my fellow citizens of empire will not indict or subtweet too harshly.


Last but not least, if you’re looking for an amazing publication focused experience, NYC Feminist Zinefest 2016 will take place on SUNDAY, February 28, 2016!

Get ready for a buzzing showcase of the work of artists and zinesters who identify as feminists, and whose politics are reflected in their work. For all you fine folks on the East Coast, don’t sleep on the NYC Feminist Zinefest. If you get off on the immediacy and expressiveness of a little printed booklet, smudged with printer’s ink or photocopy errors. Head on out and make some room in your life for those pocket-friendly knowledge bombs, the kind that eagerly come with you on a long train or bus ride.



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