Tezuka Grid “Roller Derby Bout”

The Comics Workbook Roller Derby League holds regular “derby bouts” – a recent one was the Tezuka Grid challenge with an emphasis on the figure. These bouts are meant to really challenge the team – our captain had noticed a tendancy in the group toward more “plein air” style comics, so she organized this bout to push the girls to draw the human figure. Find out more about Comics Workbook “Roller Derby of the Mind” HERE.


Gabriella Tito


Anna Mancini


Alyssa Berg


Sally Ingraham (riffing on Elektra: Assassin)


Amanda Hamilton


Jillian Fleck


Jackie Huskisson


Laila Milevski

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Sally Ingraham

Sally Ingraham

Sally is a cartoonist, educator, and journalist based in Pittsburgh, PA. She makes comics about Pittsburgh and bird watching, and co-writes the "Suzy and Cecil" daily strip (with Gabriella Tito). She facilitates the Comics Workbook Rowhouse Residency, is a managing editor of the CW Daily News, and runs the CW Roller Derby "of the mind" League. She is focused on documenting the current and historic place of women in the comics industry, is working to build the Women's Comics Library, and is developing a comics curriculum by and for girls.
Sally Ingraham

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