Quick Guide to Frank Santoro’s Grid Theories

On The Comics Journal, the Layout Workbook Series (from 2011):
Layout Workbook 1
Layout Workbook 2
Layout Workbook 3
Layout Workbook 4 This is the one where I first laid a grid on Tintin pages and people lost their minds.
Layout Workbook 5
Layout Workbook 6 I get into Poussin in this one.
Layout Workbook 7
Layout Workbook 8
Layout Workbook 9 Prince Valiant here.
Layout Workbook 10 Asterios Polyp
Layout Workbook 11
Layout Workbook 12 Beto vs. CF
The lecture notes that I usually riff on – they condense the ideas in the layout workbooks: Notes for Comics Symposium
Even better, video excerpts from some of my recent lectures:
Comics As Music (PIX 2016)
My old website coldheatcomics.blogspot.com is full of good riffs. Check out the Format Fever notes and thoughts on my Pompeii process. A lot of the stuff on this website is used as reference for my 8 week online correspondence course.
Here is the Santoro School Handbook, written with the help of Kurt Ankeny: Santoro School Handbook
Notes for my lecture with Aidan Koch and Connor Willumsen at LICAF 2016: LICAF Master Class
Frank Santoro

Frank Santoro

Frank Santoro is the founder of Comics Workbook. He has been making and writing about comics since 1988. He is the author of Storeyville, Pompeii, Cold Heat (with Ben Jones), and Pittsburgh. His comics have been published in Kramers Ergot, Mome, and The Ganzfeld. His work has been exhibited at the American Academy of Arts and Letters in New York and the Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh. He co-founded the comics criticism magazine ComicsComics, and is a regular columnist for The Comics Journal. He started the Santoro Correspondence Course for Comic Book Makers in 2011 and the Comics Workbook Rowhouse Residency, based in Pittsburgh, PA, in 2015. He’s considered to be a good egg and one of the most passionate proselytizers for comic books and visual literacy that you will ever meet.
Frank Santoro
Comics Workbook Composition Competition 2017
Frank's Comics Corner #3

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