PIX 2016 | Grace Ellis Interview

CWTV Interviews Grace Ellis, Lumberjanes co-creator and writer, about her time with the series.
more from Grace // ohheygrace.tumblr.com/ // twitter.com/gracecellis

Video by Michael Pisano and Di-ay Battad // michaelpisano.com // cargocollective.com/di-ay

Juan Fernández

Juan Fernández

Juan José Fernández is a Pittsburgh comics community organizer, most recently named as one of “Pittsburgh’s Creative Forces: 12 People to Meet in 2017” in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, and one of seven 2016 Fuerza awardees by Café Con Leche for providing Pittsburgh Latinx leadership. He co-organizes the annual Pittsburgh Zine Fair, leads the Pittsburgh Comics Salon, and provides educational outreach for the Comics Workbook and the ToonSeum. He currently works at the Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council.
Juan Fernández

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