Michael DeForge Auction

thee great Michael DeForge has generously donated three drawings to benefit the school. Each drawing is on A4 size construction paper in crayon. They are from 2014. Each drawing will be available separately. Minimum bid 100 bux for each drawing. Please list your bids in order of the video. Email your bids to me santoroschoolATgmail by noon next saturday october 8th. And if you have any questions please ask. Final auction price will be paid by buyer and then we will figure out shipping. PayPal only. If you aren’t familiar with our auctions–they are “blind auctions” you don’t know anyone else’s bid–just send in your bid above the minimum bid and that’s it. If you want to bid on each drawing, please do–in case you lose the one you really want -Thanks FS

Sally Ingraham

Sally Ingraham

Sally is a cartoonist, educator, and journalist based in Pittsburgh, PA. She makes comics about Pittsburgh and bird watching, and co-writes the "Suzy and Cecil" daily strip (with Gabriella Tito). She facilitates the Comics Workbook Rowhouse Residency, is a managing editor of the CW Daily News, and runs the CW Roller Derby "of the mind" League. She is focused on documenting the current and historic place of women in the comics industry, is working to build the Women's Comics Library, and is developing a comics curriculum by and for girls.
Sally Ingraham

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