Comics Workbook Composition Competition Entries (2016)

You can find the rules for this years competition here. This is list is now finalized.  Last updated 8 PM 8/31/2016

Quick note: including Disqualified entries, 2016 had almost as many entries as 2013, 2014and 2015 combined.

Disqualified entries are marked as such.

$100 by Katelyn Haugdahl
(Blame it on the) Night Moves by Janne Marie Dauer
‘Coach?’ by Tanya Guryel
2 Frogs on a Log by Alex Williams
42 by Alexey Sokolin
A Boy’s Guide to Wilderness Survival by Ron Hotz
A POOL by Amy Wang
A Quick and Easy Guide to Finding a Husband by Hannah Kaplan
A Tale by mLenaghan
Abandoned by Preston Pettigrew
Aerial Boundaries by Andy Rench
All Imp a Days Work by Jeff Schwartzbauer
Any Mood From the Feel Cart by Joan Reilly
APPLE EXPLODES by John McGuire Olsen
At the Base of the Statue of God by Drew Lerman
Bad Smell by Fion Fitzgerald
Bananas by Amanda Kay Baker
Beauty is Eveywhere by Corey Bechelli
Between Water and Air by Jason Hart
Bloom by Evan M Cohen
Body Work by Harry Deane Willmott
Breach by R. Adams
Carbon by Mike Shea
Carnivalence by Graeme Shorten Adams
Carrion Cheese by Jayro Lantigua
Catnip Mice by ZEKM
Cedar Grove Community Hall Circa 2002 by Josh Hicks
Cock of the Walk by Erik Nebel
Cold Sands by James and Adam Norfolk
Congress by Oliver East
Crazy Straw by Paul Daniel
CYMKA by Matthew McDaniel
Death Mask by Ioan Morris
Diamond Comix by Danny Ceballos
Did it hurt… by Mark Wang
Disappoint by Jonx Rainer (disqualified)
Dr. Dracula by Kalen Knowles (disqualified)
Dream Sequence by Nicole Johnson
Dry Season by Heron Prado
Enjoy by Spencer Hicks
Extragalactic by Luke Howard
Eyes Out On Stalks by Karneeleus
eyes wide shut // the intangible beauty of dreaming by Dennis Stratmann
falling by Phillip Dokes
First Performance by Ann Lewis
FISH IN A TUB by Serene Lusano
for a lack of better words by Cameron Nicholson
Frisky in a Godless Universe by JOMM
Frog.TV by Mateus Gonzales
Fulfillment by Veronika Hanáková
Gathering Dust by Wesley Russell (disqualified)
GLGLGL by Pablo Selín
glos·so·la·li·a by Louis Deux
Half the Fun by Chris Anderson (disqualified)
Hammer Lock by John Shields
Heavy Mettle by Nicole Pergue & Jackie Kirby
Hibiscus Vigilate by Nicolás Méndez Palacios
I Called You My Peony by Tor Brandt
I Got a Job by Jillian Fleck
I know it’s not about me, but I don’t want to die. by Shee Phon
I Love Trees by Rui Soares
Imperative by Nilas RD
In The Grass by Reilly Hadden
Jeremy Meets the Forest Cow by Sienna Cittadino
Kiddie Pool Bummer by Alicia Rose Obermeyer
Kissing Scrapes by John Hexer
La Petite Mort by Guarazú
lo priestess by Courtney Loberg
MAD DOG by Michael Kennedy
Man in a Furnished Cell By Jon Aye
MANNI by Daniel Isles
mister poppers came running by emil brahe
MOON CHILD by Carlos Bergfeld
Muse by Alex Idei
Mute by Jesse Rimler
Mxgical Gurl Xhristina by Tommy Kempen
My Only Remembered Dream by Sam Meister
Night Swimming by Shannon Durbin
NO COPS by Alisha Rae
Notes for Improvement by Mark Wang
Oasis by Cameron Arthur
Odds by R. Feiereisel
Ojoroido by Matt Aucoin
Old Friend by Kimball Anderson
Pest, written by Zach Buil and drawn by Robert Rusch
Post Sappy Update by Patrick Allaby
RECOVERY by Elisa Mask
reflection by lina madöry
Sapa by Brandon Meged
Self by Mariana Yatsuda Ikuta
Shell Creature by Faith Wiley
Shellacking by Jackson J Edge
Soap Star Joe by Juan Fernandez
Sombra by Sebastian Valbuena
Splitting Heirs by Finn Jordan
stashed by Rick Chillot
Static by Jakob Streiff
SUB  OMNI  TROPICA by daniel tuucaan starflower (disqualified)
Summer Session by Steven Arenius
Summer’s Cauldron. Story by Jason Das (disqualified)
Śūnyatā by Niall Breen
Super by Oliver East
Sweet Success by Alexis Johnson
Swimmer’s Dilemma by Casey Kolodin
The Blue Framework by Louis Deux and Graymoon
The Child by Cesar Erhard
The Devourer of Kingdoms by Carla Acácio
the Eating of the Wolves by Ward Zwart
The Grass Eater by Emy Peyret
The Investigation by Graham Mason
The Kind Of Cat I Am by Lauren Flinner
The Last Time I Saw Tate by Lisa Wilkinson
The Legend of the Nipple Story by Devon (age 27)
The Rialto Variations by Louis Deux
The Savage State by Alice Blank
The Story About The Succulent, The Suspect, The Sailor, The Ants And Me by Ronja Paffrath
The Sword of Souls by Ryan Holgersen
The Tontine Ten by Sara Sarmiento
The Toxic Land by Maya Templer
Twenty Eight by Drew Lerman
untitled by Louise Aleksiejew
Urania’s Atelier by Rachel M Thornton
VERTICAL ZERO by Lucas S. Teixeira
Vintage Violence by Paul
Vueltas by ErzE
Waiting Room by Ghadi Ghosn
Warsan the Warrior by Hugh Madden
Where am I? by stc019
Where Does Your Money Go? by Stella Salumaa
White Bones by Clarissa Hart (disqualified)
X by Shanita Wannapat


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Comics Workbook Composition Competition Winners 2016
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