Cameron Weston Nicholson: “Comics are a symphonic mixture of picture & word”

This year at the Small Press Expo, in Bethesda, MD, Comics Workbook had the privilege of presenting a series of workshops on comics making. Charles Burns, Carol Tyler, and Jeffrey Brown, among others, took the time to share their thoughts on process – to the delight of the numerous aspiring and professional cartoonists in attendance. Cameron Weston Nicholson – […]

Sammy Harkham auction

This week’s auction runs from 8/27 4pm nyc time to 9/3 4pm nyc time – more info HERE.

Residency Report: Caleb Orecchio July 2016

Caleb Orecchio and Frank Santoro in conversation in the backyard of the Rowhouse Residency, Pittsburgh, PA – July 2016 Video: Michael Pisano – Editing: Sally Ingraham