Gato Gif Challenge – Final Animation

67 cartoonists created the 85 drawings that make up this animation during the Gato Gif Challenge that took place in Feb.-March 2016. Hosted by Sally Ingraham for Comics Workbook, and Maggie Umber for 2dcloud. Drawings submitted by: Carolyn Balkovetz, Cordelia Becker, Jodi Bentivegna, Alyssa Berg, Niall Breen, Jack Brougham, Jacob Monir Canfield, William Cardini, Marc […]

the Gato GIF Challenge

Maggie Umber and Sally Ingraham here! Check this out- 2dcloud is currently launching their winter collection and to help celebrate these exciting times we’ like to tap into your creative energy in an equally exciting way. Join us in a community collaboration as we bring the 2dcloud logo to life. Sarah Ferrick started the project […]

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