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Daniel Clowes Talk At The Bay Area Book Festival 2016

Daniel Clowes talked with Ivory Madison at the Bay Area Book Festival, downtown Berkeley, Sunday, June 5, 2016. Dan also signed his latest Fantagraphics graphic novel PATIENCE, THE COMPLETE EIGHTBALL 1-18 SPECIAL EDITION and also advanced copies of the WILSON paperback. Photo color by Graham Willcox

BOY by Hellen Jo

Hellen Jo’s watercolored portrayal of Tetsuo Abe as Toshio Omura and Tsuyoshi Kinoshita as Peewee in Nagisa Oshima’s BOY (1969, Japan) for my ILLUSTRATED MOMENTS IN CINEMA/TELEVISION collection. The illustration was completed around Spring 2009 in ink and watercolor, and Hellen’s photo was taken at Comic Arts Los Angeles, Sunday, December 6, 2015. And Graham […]

Jonny Negron Draws MR. FREEDOM

Jonny Negron’s portrayal of John Abbey as Mr. Freedom and Delphine Seyrig as Marie-Madeleine along with the freedom dancers in William Klein’s MR. FREEDOM (1969, France) for my ILLUSTRATED MOMENTS IN CINEMA/TELEVISION collection. The illustration was completed around November 2011 in marker pen, and Jonny’s candid was taken at MISSION: COMICS & ART, San Francisco, […]

A Studio Visit with Steven Weissman

Be on the lookout for Steven’s upcoming book LOOKING FOR AMERICA’S DOG from FANTAGRAPHICS this September, and the awesome BUTTER AND BLOOD from RETROFIT is out now. And you can purchase original art and merch directly from Steven. Photos taken in Little Armenia, Los Angeles, Thursday, May 19 2016 and color by Graham Willcox. Thanks […]

The Hensley Interview

Tim Hensley’s SIR ALFRED NO. 3 is a tour de force in cartooning and storytelling, paying tribute to past cartoonists and comics, while also taking what came before him and creating a comic that is fresh and unique. This is no. 5 in a series of short interviews with writer/cartoonists that i have conducted, which began on my TUMBLR page THE SHED but now continues on COMICS WORKBOOK at THE DIAZ ARCHIVE.

Connor Willumsen Draws PRIS from BLADE RUNNER

connor willumsen’s portrait of daryl hannah as PRIS in ridley scott’s BLADE RUNNER (1982, USA) for my ILLUSTRATED MOMENTS IN CINEMA/TELEVISION collection. the commission done in pencil was completed in 2015. willumsen’s candid portrait taken at CAB 2014 in williamsburg, new york and color by graham willcox


musical performances by michael deforge, patrick kyle, alvin buenaventura, simon hanselmann, marc arsenault and dylan dockstader