School Updates


Frank Santoro @ SPX 2016

SPX – September 17th 2016 Exerpts from the workshop with Cameron Weston Nicholson and Frank Santoro Filmed and edited by Tyler Q Tucker and Sally Ingraham (Watch the rest of the workshop footage HERE.)

The CXC Comics Workbook Sessions

Join instructors from Pittsburgh’s Comics Workbook school, and cartoonists Alyssa Berg and Kurt Ankeny, for an immersive weekend of comics creation at Cartoon Crossroads Columbus 2016! We will examine art and the grid, bringing the strong artistic practices of Berg and Ankeny together with the discipline and rhythm of the grid, as laid out by […]

Comics Workbook at SPX 2016

We will be at table N8 this year – stop by and say “Hello” – check out new work by Frank and his students – buy some old comics from Frank’s vast collection!

We are excited to announce that Comics Workbook will be hosting a series of special workshops at SPX this year!

Residency Report: Pokémon GO Edition

Audra Stang visited the Rowhouse in July of 2016. She accomplished an incredible amount in the three days she was in Pittsburgh, setting new Rowhouse records for “crushing it”. She shared some journal notes with us recently that describe many of her impressions and experiences of her residency. I’ve shared excerpts from them below, mixed with some […]

Residency Report: Caleb Orecchio July 2016

Caleb Orecchio and Frank Santoro in conversation in the backyard of the Rowhouse Residency, Pittsburgh, PA – July 2016 Video: Michael Pisano – Editing: Sally Ingraham

The Rowhouse Report: May-June 2016

The Comics Workbook Rowhouse Residency is a GO!  The Rowhouse is a busy place these days! The end of May brought the first official residents to the doors of the school, with Matthew Conway and Mahmoud Hashemi‘s visit. They came on a mission to work on the back-story of a game they are designing. They enjoyed the […]

Residency Report: Homemake at the Rowhouse

We kicked off the Comics Workbook Rowhouse Residency over Memorial Day Weekend with a visit from Matthew Conway and Mahmoud Hashemi. Matt is an architect and very recent Harvard grad (congrats Matt!), and Mahmoud is the lead developer of the Python Infrastructure team at eBay/PayPal. Neither of them had ever made a comic before. However, Matt and […]

The Comics Workbook Rowhouse Residency

School is in session! The Comics Workbook Rowhouse Residency officially launched in the spring of 2016, thanks to the incredible support of the comics community and a successful Indiegogo campaign in 2015. Check out the Indiegogo campaign video HERE! The Rowhouse is a busy place as we run residencies for aspiring and experienced comics makers alike, and host […]

The Plan – “Columbo” tells all

And now here’s something we hope you’ll really like: Frank Santoro doing his best Columbo imitation to tell you all about the plan to build the Comics Workbook Rowhouse Residency in Pittsburgh,PA (read to yourself in your best Columbo voice) Howzitgoin? Good, good. Me? Good, thanks. I gotta tell ya though I’m sorry to bother […]