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Tezuka Grid “Roller Derby Bout”

The Comics Workbook Roller Derby League holds regular “derby bouts” – a recent one was the Tezuka Grid challenge with an emphasis on the figure. These bouts are meant to really challenge the team – our captain had noticed a tendancy in the group toward more “plein air” style comics, so she organized this bout to push […]

Comics Community Heart: an Interview with Kevin Czap

“The Emerging Talent Award – this goes to a cartoonist whom we feel has plenty of promise as a cartoonist and has shown themselves to be a solid and giving community member as well… We love everything we’ve ever learned about you, in terms of your comics community heart.” —Tom Spurgeon, during the presentation of […]

Lost in Translation: “Halloween”

by Cathrin Peterslund Made for Comics Workbook Cathrin Peterslund is a Danish cartoonist studying at The Animation Workshop. She is currently in the United States interning with Ed Piskor. This is her first American Halloween.

Kurt Ankeny on MICE Boston 2016

Well, last night we wrapped up yet another lovely MICE Boston! MICE is my local indie comics expo, and it is the equal of any American event, as far as I am concerned. The staff, led by Shelli Paroline, Dan Mazur, Rebecca Viola (I couldn’t find a website!), Zach Clemente, and volunteers by the dozens, […]

Connor Willumsen on LICAF 2016

LICAF 2016 report by Connor Willumsen. A year ago Frank Santoro, having just returned from The Lakes International Comic Art Festival 2015 (LICAF), suddenly called me and spoke to me for an hour to interest me in an ambitious plan he had for a touring workshop that would broadly function like a campaign for inclusive visual […]

Aidan Koch’s LICAF 2016 Report

LICAF opening night #licaf A video posted by @santoro.frank on Oct 13, 2016 at 2:17pm PDT Editor’s note: Aidan Koch participated in a lecture to an “academic conference” on Friday at The Box Theatre at Kendal College (see Frank’s report here) and in the “Comics Workbook Composition Competition LIVE” on Saturday in addition to her […]

Jack Brougham on LICAF 2016

Quite often comics conventions feel like they exist in little bubbles. Once you’re inside the hall/centre/shack/bunker the event is taking place in, you get the sense you could be anywhere. The organizers of The Lakes International Comic Art Festival (LICAF) seem to be having none of this. Visiting Kendal for the weekend of the festival is […]

CXC 2016: Report Card

Comics Crossroads Columbus (CXC), is a 4 day long comics festival in Columbus, Ohio, that is now in its second year. Organized by comics industry professionals with a track record of both artistic contributions and service to the independent comics community, the show has largely been touted as a soon-to-be American version of France’s Angouleme; […]

Niall Breen on LICAF 2016

To the lake district! AWAY!!!! A video posted by Niall Breen (@niall.breen.comics) on Oct 14, 2016 at 9:17am PDT Last week I traveled from Ireland to join the Comics Workbook crew in Kendal, England for The Lakes International Comic Art Festival. The Lakes Fest (LICAF) is an unusual beast in today’s world of heavily branded […]

CXC 2016: 3 Questions for the Crew

Cartoon Crossroads Columbus was an incredibly rich experience, and it left the attending Comics Workbook crew dizzy from new ideas, wonderful experiences, and filled with a renewed sense of belonging to a radically supportive and constantly evolving community. In an effort to process all of this, we asked ourselves a few questions – below are the first […]