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Charlottetown Comics Club

Tyler Landry shares thoughts on running a weekly comics club in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada – a Comics Workbook “satellite school”! ————————————————————————————————— I’ve been running the Charlottetown Comics Club (CCC) weekly, since the spring of 2016. At first in my home with a few trusted friends, then we moved to a public place – the back room of a […]

Art Trip: Richard Diebenkorn’s Sketchbooks at the Cantor Museum

Jesse Rimler reports on the Richard Diebenkorn Sketchbook show that hung at the Cantor Arts Center at Stanford University last summer. ————————————————————————————————— The painter Richard Diebenkorn (1922-1993) is probably best known for his abstracts, especially his large Ocean Park series. He also painted from life, and is included in the group of artists now known as the Bay Area Figurative movement, along with Elmer Bischoff, David Park and Joan Brown, among others. These painters moved in and out of abstraction […]

Rachel Masilamani – Foundational Works (2000-2013)

There’s things you can’t do with words and there’s things you can’t do with pictures, that’s what’s so exciting about the form. It’s constantly pressing against your limitations. – Rachel Masilamani 2013 A veteran self-publisher, Rachel Masilamani has been making comics since 1997. Her first comics collection, RPM Comics #1, received a grant from the […]

Suzy and Cecil – 2016 Strips

Suzy and Cecil is a collaborative daily comic strip project based on characters invented by Frank Santoro and Bill Boichel. It is primarily drawn by Gabriella Tito and Sally Ingraham, two of Frank’s students and members of the Comics Workbook Roller Derby League. The strip updates everyday on Instagram – HERE. Below we have presented the first […]

Derby Bout: Locas “King of the Hustle”

The Comics Workbook Roller Derby “of the mind” League hosts “derby bouts” every week. These bouts are essentially drawing challenges that push the girls toward increasing their skill set and experience. They might involve trying different layout or sequencing techniques, making a comic that focuses on figures, drawing FAST, making a comic using only shapes […]

Work in Progress

Tyler Landry explores the creative process of Cameron Weston Nicholson, and Sam Ombiri responds with further thoughts on the act of sketching. Tyler Landry here. I’ve been following some of Cameron Weston Nicholson’s semi-secret endeavors over the last week or two, and the man is ON FIRE! Several simultaneous streams of intense character development are […]

On Being a Woman in the Manly World of Daniel Clowes

Editor’s Note: This is one essay that you’ll need to read all the way through to the end in order to really appreciate what Ms. Mardou is getting at here.  We’re confident that you’ll be glad that you did. The novelist John Updike (1932-2009) experienced a feminist backlash during his long career. Possessed of laser […]

Juan Fernandez @ CAB 2016

Comic. Arts. Brooklyn. 2016: Comics, zines, prints. A shmorgasbord of color. A dazzling display of print. The 2016 Comic Arts Brooklyn (CAB) presented by Brooklyn’s Desert Island Comics was held on Saturday, November 5th. Organized by Desert Island proprietor Gabe Fowler, this marks the fourth year that the show has been called CAB and the eighth year […]

Comics Workbook – All About It!

Testing a new type of learning institution for comic book making. Commodity form as community form. Comics Workbook is a training school and residency program based in Pittsburgh, PA. It is an online correspondence course, and an international network of cartoonists. It is a world-wide composition competition, monthly comics salons, daily news blasts, backyard masterclasses, and […]