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Art Trip: Little Black Dress

I just wandered into ‘The Little Black Dress: from Mourning to Night‘ at the Missouri History Museum, not particularly interested in the subject at the get-go. Once I whipped out my pencil, I found myself getting kind of into it. It was popular, lots of people, mainly ladies, many of them dressed up on a […]

The Hensley Interview

Tim Hensley’s SIR ALFRED NO. 3 is a tour de force in cartooning and storytelling, paying tribute to past cartoonists and comics, while also taking what came before him and creating a comic that is fresh and unique. This is no. 5 in a series of short interviews with writer/cartoonists that i have conducted, which began on my TUMBLR page THE SHED but now continues on COMICS WORKBOOK at THE DIAZ ARCHIVE.

In Pieces: Someplace Which I Call Home (1/4)

This is the first installment of a new graphic novel:In Pieces: Someplace Which I Call Home by Kurt Ankeny, creator of Saltwater Snow and A Bomb, and co-author of the Santoro School Handbook for Making Better Comics. In Pieces: Someplace Which I Call Home is a collage-portrait of a small New England town. Read it below […]

“How we were thinking” – The Zeitgeist and The Complete Wimmen’s Comix

Mystic novelist Doris Lessing interspersed her autobiographies with news clippings and thought-snippets that she’d saved from the years she was writing about. It’s not something you see very often in personal biography; history books are preferred when pulling in contextual ‘fact’. Instead Lessing supplies us with flavors of 60’s London (such as “in cinemas and […]

Gwai-Lo of the Heart – Berliac

Made in 2015 by Berliac for Comics Workbook, Gwai-Lo of the Heart is a clever and mysteriously striking series of 4 panel comics that, among other things, plays with the associations usually made with the West’s gaze towards manga. These little comics pack a poetic punch. Presented below is Berliac’s full series. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, […]

Art Trip: Comics With O’Keeffe

I’m standing in the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum in Santa Fe, NM, staring at an index card in startled delight. It holds O’Keeffe’s notes for a large painting she made in 1963, and it hangs beside that painting, nicely framed. A famous index card. I glance around at the other folks in the gallery, looking for some shared […]

Drawing Antonioni – Laila Milevski

Drawn by Laila Milevski in 2014 for Comics Workbook, this series is “an exploration of visual mechanisms and themes in the Antonioni movies L’avventura and La notte…narrated by the mild-mannered, neurotic man who is drawing the comics.” Presented below is the L’avventura part of the series. Laila Milevski is a Somerville, MA, based cartoonist and design assistant at Candlewick Press. Her […]

Sunday is a Good Day to Visit a Museum: Part Three

This is the final part of a series of process meditations inspired by a trip to The Rubin Museum of Art in NYC. Catch up with Part One: Ritual in Preparing the Space/It’s the Simple Things, and Part Two: Meditation on the Grid/Free Your Mind ————————————————————————————————— Part 3: Pass the Mic/Other People’s Processes For the final […]

The Elements of Painting – Aidan Koch

We’re pleased to feature Aidan Koch’s The Elements of Painting. These strips were originally created for and featured on Comics Workbook in 2013. The full collection is now a 14pg, b/w offset on newsprint in an edition of 500. You can buy it directly from Aidan Koch on her site. AIDAN KOCH was born in Seattle, WA and currently […]