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Wow wow wow, š! #24 ‘Urban Jungle’ is out now! It’s here, the newest volume of š! from Latvia’s kuš! comics.  It’s time to face up to the unpleasant corners of the city! Twenty-two international comics makers take you to some of the darkest spots in the urban jungle. Hop on over to the site to oggle at the pages you can […]


Let’s start off right with a look at Ron Wimberley’s latest offerings! He’s published his 12 powerful illustrations of black luminaries. He did 12 last year in February. He did 12 this year. You can see the full set in detail over here. For snippets of the inking process, hop on over to Ron’s Instagram. He’s also got […]


Right out of the gate on a Friday – Connor Willumsen has a new comic up on Study Group! Sweet Love is the last chocolate in the box, leftover from Valentines Day revels. A sticky treat for modern lovers wrapped in pink and red. READ IT HERE. Connor’s past work includes Calgary: Death Milks a Cow, which punched us […]


Alabaster Pizzo has a new one for ya. A little ditty if you will. Alabaster has been making interesting comics out of seemingly innocuous material like amazon reviews for wooden rulers. Real clever. This piece maintains the same exciting formal cheekiness. You can read SOLID ADVICE here. The fifth and final chapter of my Kris […]


Wottaday… Sarah Bowie, Disa Wallander and L. Nichols all have some new comics for you to dig your teeth into! For some messy, honest, social realism, you can take a poke into Wallander’s world through her hourly comics that swallow up any and all documentary images for the sake of comics. Bowie’s got a new short, Saucepan. […]


Kris Mukai’s made some recent reflections on her trip to Denver with  – nice, loose stuff. Lots of stuff happens, Mukai reflects on what winds up sticking. Give ’em a read. AdHouse Books has announced that Luke Howard’s most recent book will be coming out this may. Howard’s got an exciting thing going on right here. […]


The comics world suddenly lost Alvin Buenaventura last Thursday. This time is a time of reflection. He left an incredible, indelible mark as a publisher and advocate of the comics medium in the early 21st century. His absence will be sorely felt. You can help keep his legacy alive today by reading any one of the great works he […]


Hello world, Gotta start off with the big Rowhouse Residency news coming from Frank: That’s right. It’s official. We’ve got keys in hand, and Truth Zone’s in the mail. If you’ve been sleeping on getting your copy of the official limited edition bootleg. Now’s the time. They’re headed out of Comics Workbook HQ, why not […]


IT’S HERE Zona 01 – January 2016 Frank Santoro Harry Moyer Gabriella Tito Jack Brougham 44 pages of comics – 60 pages total – black and white with color silkscreen covers by Frank Santoro – Edition of 100 – signed and numbered on the covers by FS ===================================== AP Versions available in the School Store […]


The Black Comic Book Festival at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture in Harlem happened a little over a week ago. If you had been hoping to making it out, but couldn’t, good news: the panels they hosted are now online. Check it out! Organized by Deirdre Hollman, Jerry Craft and John Ira […]