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Atena Farghadani; Right-of-copy; Mok/Doucet; Lilli Carré; Roy Crane ————————————————————————————————— From Maren Williams over at the CBLDF: BREAKING NEWS: Atena Farghadani Set to be Released Next Month ‘After nearly 18 months in prison for a cartoon depicting politicians as animals, Iranian artist and activist Atena Farghadani will reportedly be released sometime next month. She had been […]


New comic by Emil Friis Ernst; Kris Mukai with handy process/printing tips; Santoro and Moynihan conversation from the archives; Abhay Khosla with real talk; and a look at COMIC TRAGICS in Perth, Australia. ————————————————————————————— New Comics – All In A Day’s Work I’m happy to announce that we are featuring  All In A Day’s Work, a new […]


Zona #02 in the flesh, Santoro on Hanselmann, wise words from Annie Mok, Gabriella Tito reflecting on reflections, some radical zines and a couple of really, really old books. ————————————————————————————————— HOT OFF THE PRESSES! The eagerly awaited Zona #02 was just released by Comics Workbook, and these things are absolutely smoking. 24 pages of Santoro story, totally unique, […]


          Daily News returns for April 21, 2016. In the classifieds we’ll hear conversations about careers in comics, near the editorials we examine new formats in web comics, and near the back page ads we traverse the Aquazone.       True + Real Talk Julian Lytle and Martheus Wade delve […]


 Comics Workbook: El Rincón: Tiktok; The Historic Mexican and Mexican American Press collectio; Libros Mutantes ’16; Feria Internacional del Libro Bogotá; Úlcera; El Tiempo de Mi Casa; Chancha via Circuito. Buenos dias a todos y bienvenidos a esta nueva émision del Rincón! Juan here with your Wednesday Spanish and South American comics round up. Let’s start […]


Austin English/Gulag Casual; Lyra Hill/Three Performances; Annie Mok/Cicadas; the Sol Lewitt Collection; Data-Driven-Storytelling-Intersection-Numbers-Narrative; CW Benefit Auction Continues —————————————————————————— Gulag Casual with Austin English Austin English will be talking about his new collection at this evening’s New York Comics & Picture-story Symposium,  Tuesday,  April 19, 2016 at 7pm at Parsons School of Design, 2 West 13th […]


North American independent comics focus today; Comics Workbook Benefit Auction in its final days; Submitting comics to VICE; Marc Bell reflects on the past couple of months; Jay Lynch Collection joins the Billy Ireland; The Garden of Earthly Delights invites you in. – Juan Fernández —————————————————————————— Ecuadorian Earthquake Victims I wanted to take the time before […]


Sally here with sweet morsels to start the weekend off right – Simon Hanselmann and Eleanor Davis dazzle in interviews this week, while Alabaster Pizzo and Jim Rugg offer up comics overflowing with life-hacks, and Chris Ware via Comics Workbook provides us with the perfect way to spend that plump tax return we’re already dreaming of… —————————————————————————— What a day, […]


Daily News for Thursday April 13 with poetry, storytelling, and casual. RVA Comics Spotlight: Eric Scott Pfeiffer! Humbly astonishing. Two words that come to mind when thinking of this fine sir. Before we get all gushy on how he great he is just check this out below….   Need I say more? So Eric has been here […]


Juan Fernández here with an especially internationally focused news round up: Chris Ware Benefit Auction; European comics festivals this weekend; Comics talk at the Prado; Max vs. Hieronymous Bosch; Cohete Comics Colombian Blastoff; Real Talk – Girl Talk; Chippendale chats Puke Force. —————————————————————————— Comics Workbook Rowhouse Residency Fundraiser Auction – CHECK IT OUT HERE! **PLEASE […]