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March is Women’s History Month, and the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund is celebrating female cartoonists. First up was Barbara Hall, the main artist for Girl Commandos, which appeared in issues of Speed Comics in the 1940s. Read a bit more about her HERE, and check the CBLDF throughout the month for more biographical snippets of women […]


The 5 Obstructions This is a collaboration from 2008 wherein Matt Madden presented Tom Hart with a number of constraints, in the spirit of the Lars von Trier and Jørgen Leth documentary from 2003.   Charlotte Salomon: Leben? oder Theater? All of Salomon’s Leben? oder Theater? can be found at the above link. It is […]


Avast, a new Kramer’s Ergot is right around the corner! Editor, Sammy Harkham has shown off a peak at the glorious comics interiors of this anthology. It’s going to be bursting at the seams with color, clocking in at 298 pages, 12 spot colors with CMYK. Fantagraphics is doing the heavy financial lifting on this one. […]


Emil Friis Ernst offered up a new comic this morning, based on a text by Cathrin Peterslund… …and Simon Moreton recently posted his Hilltop Walking Comics (see the whole thing HERE). Drop yourself into two different wordless worlds, and find yourself floating in a cosmic pond or blustered along a hilltop ridge. Stay awhile, if you like. […]


damn, it’s cold and gray in Pittsburgh. Bummer. Gotta get toasty somehow… thankfully Tara Helfer‘s got a little 10-panel winter ditty for you. Great pantomime of a hungry young troll girl. Interesting, subtle designs that leave you excitedly filling the narrative blanks. It’s the kind of comic that leaves you smiling imagining the before and after of […]


Let’s start off with some good news in light of all the essential discussions about the history of women involved in the comics art form! Comix Creatrix: 100 Women Making Comics, a new exhibition at the House of Illustration has opened its doors and will be open to the public until the 15th of May. The exhibition features […]


Wow wow wow, š! #24 ‘Urban Jungle’ is out now! It’s here, the newest volume of š! from Latvia’s kuš! comics.  It’s time to face up to the unpleasant corners of the city! Twenty-two international comics makers take you to some of the darkest spots in the urban jungle. Hop on over to the site to oggle at the pages you can […]


Let’s start off right with a look at Ron Wimberley’s latest offerings! He’s published his 12 powerful illustrations of black luminaries. He did 12 last year in February. He did 12 this year. You can see the full set in detail over here. For snippets of the inking process, hop on over to Ron’s Instagram. He’s also got […]


Right out of the gate on a Friday – Connor Willumsen has a new comic up on Study Group! Sweet Love is the last chocolate in the box, leftover from Valentines Day revels. A sticky treat for modern lovers wrapped in pink and red. READ IT HERE. Connor’s past work includes Calgary: Death Milks a Cow, which punched us […]


Alabaster Pizzo has a new one for ya. A little ditty if you will. Alabaster has been making interesting comics out of seemingly innocuous material like amazon reviews for wooden rulers. Real clever. This piece maintains the same exciting formal cheekiness. You can read SOLID ADVICE here. The fifth and final chapter of my Kris […]