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Aaron here today with the Composition Competition Awards; Sophie Yanow in the Dakotas; Shaw/Nadel on U-tube; some pioneers of the comic strip; Kirby injustices revisited ————————————————————————————————— Congratulations to ALL who created and submitted work for this year’s Composition Competition contest! First Place – $500 cash prize: Cameron Nicholson – For a Lack of Better Words […]


Juan here. It’s Labor Day in the United States, which means no insane barrage of news for today. Just the juicy bits.


Yoohoo, Juan’s here with the latest comics news: Gary Panter; SPX 2016 Programming; Cameron Nicholson on the RVA crew; Nicole Georges with AK Summers and Esther Godoy; The history of Craftint; payday for Noah Van Sciver; Connor Willumsen’s latest book; Rowhouse Residency’s Sammy Harkham ends TOMORROW! ————————————————————————————————— Portraits by Connor Willumsen Comics Workbook is very pleased to present a […]


For Thursday we have a new Ed Piskor article, Zona #3 reviewed, the (nearly totally updated) list for the 2016 Comics Workbook Composition Competition entries, Jonas Goonface’s work in review, and some insights on teaching and kids.  ————————————————————————————————— Ed Piskor is having an amazing year – and back in his hometown of Pittsburgh, PA, folks […]


Juan here with your weekly  Spanish language comics news round up! El fin del CW Composition Contest;Sol Díaz Castillo y Marcela Trujillo charlan con Katherine Supnem; la evolucion de Spanish Fever; Mireia Perez sobre Ben Marra; Edd Muñoz  sobre El Publicadero en Manizales; el nuevo libro de Connor Willumsen, Portraits. ————————————————————————————————— Le concours – C’est fini The Comics Workbook Composition Competition 2016 is over! […]


Aaron Cockle here today with the final hours of the Composition Competition; Glen Baxter; Shaw/Nadel; Lynda Barry; William Blake; Zines at the Swiss Institute; Poetry Comics Comics Poetry; EA Bethea; Kevin Czap; Sammy Harkham Auction Items ————————————————————————————————— The last day to submit work for the 2016 Comics Workbook Composition Competition is TODAY, August 30, 2016, […]


Sally here to start the week with you: I’ve got Dame Darcy on VICE, the new Rowhouse Residency auction, the last days of the Composition Competition, a major event at the ToonSeum, a brand new column on Comics Workbook, and everything you ever wanted to know about Ben Day Dots… ————————————————————————————————— The Comics Workbook Composition Competition 2016 […]


The last Friday in August! We made it! It’s been a weird month – but this week was full of interesting things, like “one-page graphic novels” with Françoise Mouly and Art Spiegelman, Shannon Wright comics on The Nib, Nicole Claveloux being published in English, an ocean-spanning exchange between Ulli Lust and Priya Kuriyan, sketchbook pages from Sacha Mardou, a […]


Sally here, bringing you a look at some of Pittsburgh’s born or borrowed cartoonists (Ed Piskor, Yona Harvey, Ben Sears) as well as another read through that Trevor Von Eeden interview.  ————————————————————————————————— Yona Harvey is a Professor of English at the University of Pittsburgh – and Marvel’s first black female writer. She is working on a 10-page […]


CW Spotlight on Laura Pérez Vernetti; Laura Andrea Garzón Garavito on a new wave of Colombian comics; Sol Undurraga en La Polola Podcast;Julieta Arroquoy OFELIA y Lía “La Cope” Copello en Tipos de minas; los Españoles, invitados a SPX; Reseña de VIRUS TROPICAL de Power Paola; una conversacion con Jorge Carrion; Alexis Ziritt’s HQ; Entreviñetas busca voluntarios.