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Antonia Herrera y María Soto Aguilar, Rosa Colón, Kelly Fernandez, Sol Díaz Castillo, and Love and Rockets #5   – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Los cómics y las noticias que me han llamado la atención esta semana:  ~ en Español y “sometimes in […]


Crabapple/Hisham; Gipi; 2dcloud; Mega Press at Printed Matter; Chute/Drnaso/Tomine/Ware ————————————————————————————————— Molly Crabapple & Marwan Hisham: Syria in Ink At Brooklyn Public Library, 10 Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn, NY, May 15 to Jun 30, 2018. Crabapple’s drawings, created from 2014-2017, illustrate the pages of Hisham’s coming-of-age story, Brothers of the Gun: A Memoir of the Syrian […]


Caleb Orecchio here with thoughts on Ben Sear’s latest Double+ Adventure, Ideal Copy. ————————————————————— Often people will compare Ben Sears’ Double+ stories to comics like Tintin or Dragon Ball, and I could even make a convincing comparison to Miyazaki’s first feature Castle of Cagliostro with this new installment; but I see a true spaghetti western influence in Ben’s work. […]


Sally Ingraham here! The Daily News will return on Monday, June 4th 2018! Meanwhile, here are some comics I made while traveling in New Mexico (where I was unexpectedly delayed, which caused a lapse in the regular comics news schedule – apologies!) ————————————————— ————————————————— ————————————————— See you next week!


Entreviñetas + TCAF, Gutterfest #6, Ronald Wimberly, Laura Knetzger ————————————————————— Desde este año Entreviñetas inicia una alianza con TCAF. La alianza empieza con una primera convocatoria para que un autor canadiense trabaje con un autor colombiano en un cómic. The Toronto Comic Arts Festival (Toronto, Canada) and Entreviñetas Festival (Bogotá and Medellín, Colombia), in alliance with the Ministry of Culture of […]


Juan here covering for Aaron, who’s been traveling far and wide. I’ve got a juicy preview Frank Santoro’s Pittsburgh, thoughts by Spike Trotman, David Brothers and Ron Wimberly talking radical application of black aesthetic and Michael Deforge comics. Fun for the whole family. ————————————————————— You can read a preview of Frank Santoro‘s newest book, Pittsburgh over […]


Gone fishing ———————————————————————————— We will be back tomorrow at our normal programming schedule. Have a good one! ———————————————————————————— Suzy and Cecil – 5-28-18 – by Gabriella Tito


Sally here today with a report from Sara Sarmiento on Kriota Willberg’s “Draw Stronger”, plus comics and other news! ———————————————————————————— Today on the site Sara Sarmiento shares her experience with drawing-related injury, and her appreciation for Kriota Willberg‘s new comic about how to avoid such things! Sara writes: “I’ve been in a slow recovery for years from […]


Sally here with a Comics Workbook Rowhouse Residency Report from Jason Robinson! ———————————————————————————————— Jason Robinson is a comics maker, illustrator, and graphic designer living in Asbury Park, NJ. He joined us in Pittsburgh early last summer for a weeklong Comics Workbook Rowhouse Residency. When Jason arrived, he mentioned that he had brought along a few […]


Isabel Méndez y el bloque deescritor, Sebastián Gonzalez, y los Ganadores del Puchi Award 2018 —————————————— Los cómics y las noticias que me han llamado la atención esta semana:  ~ en Español y “sometimes in English” ~ La Polola #76 – Sebastián González Sol Díaz Castillo y Marcela Trujillo tienen una nueva edicion de La Polola Podcast! Las chicas conversan […]