Cameron Weston Nicholson: “Comics are a symphonic mixture of picture & word”


This year at the Small Press Expo, in Bethesda, MD, Comics Workbook had the privilege of presenting a series of workshops on comics making. Charles Burns, Carol Tyler, and Jeffrey Brown, among others, took the time to share their thoughts on process – to the delight of the numerous aspiring and professional cartoonists in attendance.

Cameron Weston Nicholson – a cartoonist and animator from Richmond, VA – joined Comics Workbook late in the day on Saturday, September 17th, 2016, to dig into “the geometry of making melodic comics”.

The connections “Professor Weston” made between comics and music was a unique spark that really set fire to the audience. I was in the audience and was especially taken, as a fellow musician, by his riff on timing and how it relates to composing music and composing comic books.

I won’t give any more away – you can see & hear it all for yourself! Comics Workbook was thrilled (and lucky) to have the talented Tyler Q. Tucker on hand to film and edit together the whole experience in an extraordinary way – which we now present to you here. Please enjoy!


Cameron Weston Nicholson and Frank Santoro – Saturday, September 17th – SPX 2016

Filmed by Tyler Q. Tucker and Sally Ingraham – Edited by Tyler Q. Tucker


Check out more of Cameron’s work HERE – keep up with him via his Instagram: @prof_weston

Read Cameron’s First Place-winning comic for the Comics Workbook Composition Competition 2016 HERE.

More of Cameron’s thoughts on comics making can be found in this “Questions” interview from earlier this year.


More pictures from Cameron’s workshop and the rest of the Comics Workbook hosted cartoon workshops at SPX 2016 can be found HERE!

Sally Ingraham

Sally Ingraham

Sally is a cartoonist, educator, and journalist based in Pittsburgh, PA. She makes comics about Pittsburgh and bird watching, and co-writes the "Suzy and Cecil" daily strip (with Gabriella Tito). She facilitates the Comics Workbook Rowhouse Residency, is a managing editor of the CW Daily News, and runs the CW Roller Derby "of the mind" League. She is focused on documenting the current and historic place of women in the comics industry, is working to build the Women's Comics Library, and is developing a comics curriculum by and for girls.
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