Sally here with comics and news from Gabrielle Bell, GG, Liana Finck, Summer Pierre, Paula Puiupo, and more!


I missed a week of internet due to traveling in New Mexico without a computer, but the rest of the world didn’t skip a beat so there are a ton of comics and news bites to share with you good folks as you head into your weekend. Let’s dig in!

Gabrielle Bell has a comic up on The New Yorker titled That’s What I Get for Trying to Find Love on Tinder. See the whole thing HERE.

Speaking of Liana Finck, she also has a recent comic on The New YorkerMeet the Commenters! – which details the cool stuff people say to her when she posts her autobio comics online… HERE.


It’s been a minute since I checked out the 4Panel Project – above is a recent one by GG. In the last few weeks alone there have also been comics by Julia Wertz, Hannah K. Lee, Keiler Roberts, and Daryl Seitchik.


Summer Pierre has a busy blog where she posts a lot of her comics – above is the latest in her series Paper Pencil Life. Check out more comics HERE.

She has also been working on the series of haiku comics – her most recent one (#38 out of 50 she has planned) is not yet on the blog, but you can catch it on Summer’s Instagram – HERE.


Paula Puiupo has a new comic out called Gume – see a spread from it above, and learn more about it HERE. Paula recently updated and redid her whole website, so be sure to check it out and see a lot more of her work. Paula Puiupo is originally from Lisbon, and now lives and works in São Paulo.


Nnedi Okorafor is going to continue writing for comics, teaming up with artist Tana Ford once again on a new 4-part series coming from Dark Horse’s Berger Books imprint, titled LaGuardia. More details are available at The Comics BeatHERE.


After Dinner Mints

  • Fiona Smyth‘s new collection Somnambulance (from Koyama Press, 2018) is reviewed at Four Color Apocalypse, and The Toronto Star.
  • The collaboration between Anne Elizabeth Moore and Melissa Mendes is examined by Alex Dueben on The Comics JournalHERE.
  • The discussion about Olivia Jaimes and her take on the comic strip Nancy continues.
  • Jessica Campbell‘s latest comic for Hyperallergic is HERE.


Suzy and Cecil – 6-8-2018 – by Sally Ingraham

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